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A better inbox for your ideas

QuickDown is a powerful notepad on top of
a local folder of plain text Markdown files

Take Notes Faster

Write, edit and save your ideas without ever leaving your keyboard. QuickDown is built keyboard-first to work as reliable and straight-forward as a pen-and-paper notepad.

Capture a new idea with ONE GLOBAL HOTKEY that works anywhere and anytime. Your cursor is immediately focused to go from having an idea to typing your first letter in 0.42ms or less.


Stay Focused

No need to switch to a behemoth Markdown editor just to take a quick note. QuickDown's "Less, but better" approach helps you take notes while you stay focused and avoid distractions.

It's an ideal companion to your preferred knowledge base such as Obsidian, Notion, LogSeq, OneNote, VS Code, TiddlyWiki, Zettlr, Vim, Emacs, iA Writer (and any other text editor, really.)


Make It Yours

Your ideas are saved locally as plain text Markdown files. They're backup-able, future-proof and tool-agnostic. Save them anywhere you want, like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Just start writing with a custom template and your preferred initial cursor-placement. Use "live-variables" like today's date, current time, or a ZettelkastenID to automatically pre-fill your template and add context.


A better inbox for your ideas

Take Notes Faster, Stay Focused, Make It Yours.